Check out the following videos and artiles to learn more about the importance of eye health.


Acuvue Contact Lens Tutorial

Importance Of Yearly Exams

It’s true. We’re all busy. Making time for an eye exam isn’t usually number one on our to-do list. This is particularly true if you have always passed the eye screenings at work or school. Read the article below to learn the difference between a screening and an exam and why it’s important to make time for an exam even if you pass the screenings.

Protecting Your Eyes From the Sun

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fashion of sunglasses.  Let’s keep in mind the most important aspect of sunglasses…eye protection.  Click on the link below to discover how to choose sunnies that will keep your eyes healthy.



Foods to Sustain Healthy Vision

Did you know that while you’re getting your beach bod in check, you might also be reducing your risk of “age-related decline in eye health by 25 percent?” Here is a list of nutritious foods that can help keep those peepers healthy.